eddy whirling garden shower head  2009
whirling garden shower head ©2009
Eddy by James Van Vossel look through 2023
look through ©2023
Eddy garden shower off hook on 2023
hook on ©2023
Eddy garden shower on shower on 2009
shower on ©2009
Eddy garden shower see through 2023
see through ©2023
Eddy mounted on tree on tree 2023
on tree ©2023



Water whirls in the open shower head until it decreases in speed and gently drops as rain.

The ingenious cross-clamp system allows the shower to be mounted on every object, tree, branch, pole, … . This system also allows regulating the amount of water. If the empty loop is tightened, the water pinched intestine. This reduces the water supply. With a slider, the garden hose is attached to the shower quickly. This button is easily assembled and can not be pulled off.

By the open shower form, the water flows free, so no calcium accumulation is possible.

The shower is also a toy in the garden, for example by washing your hands to spotting stars at night through the hole.

All parts are made by injection molding and consist of only one material, allowing easy recycling. The material used is bioplastic, which is a biodegradable plastic based on corn starch.