2017 Renaat Nijs
©2017 Renaat Nijs
 Haspengouw Designmaand expo (BE) 2018 Karolien Coenen
Haspengouw Designmaand expo (BE) ©2018 Karolien Coenen
 Wanderful Tour 2017 Renaat Nijs
Wanderful Tour ©2017 Renaat Nijs
FF1 at Feeling wonen© Filip Van Zieleghem Feeling Wonen magazine (BE) 2011 Filip Van Zieleghem
Feeling Wonen magazine (BE) ©2011 Filip Van Zieleghem
DSCF1242 Verbeke Foundation (BE) 2010 Tom De Vrieze
Verbeke Foundation (BE) ©2010 Tom De Vrieze
FF1 showroom belgium foto door mark florquin Paris Fashion Week _ Showroom Belgium (FR) 2011 Mark Florquin
Paris Fashion Week _ Showroom Belgium (FR) ©2011 Mark Florquin
0 ff1 jeroen bal MUD kopie Mud Design Studio (BE) 2015 Jeroen Bal
Mud Design Studio (BE) 2015 Jeroen Bal
ff1 Art Track Galery (BE) 2010
Art Track Galery (BE) ©2010
015 kopie2 Hotel Gitschberg 2013 Fischnaller b & partner gmbh
Hotel Gitschberg ©2013 Fischnaller b & partner gmbh
ff1greystudio1  2010 Tom De Vrieze
© 2010 Tom De Vrieze


for Fox and Freeze 2010

FOX & FREEZE, established in 2009, is a creative collaboration between 2 Belgian designers, James Van Vossel and Tom De Vrieze. Vos (from James Van Vossel) stands for Fox and Vrieze (from Tom De Vrieze) represents Freeze.

FF1, the outcome from this cooperation, is an indoor lounge chair made of  1 square sheet of synthetic felt. There is is not a loss of material (with the exception of the drilled holes), it’s not supported with wood or metal, or other. The structure is self-supporting, the flax pulls the chair together and keep it off aesthetically. The shell and base are not separated from the leaf, but remain connected. Left of a square, the board felt twisted and turned back, like a scarf, ending in a symmetrical but also asymmetrical object.

FF1 is sent with bpost, Belgium’s leading postal operator.

nomination OVAM ecodesign AWARD 2010

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