JAMES 1-2 2010 alain six
JAMES 1-2 ©2010 alain six
 JAMES 1-2 2010 alain six
JAMES 1-2 ©2010 alain six
 JAMES 2 2010 alain six
JAMES 2 ©2010 alain six
 JAMES 1 2010 alain six
JAMES 1 ©2010 alain six
 JAMES 1 2012
JAMES 1 ©2012
 De Morgen magazine 'Wroeter met visie'  2010 Jonas Lampens
De Morgen magazine 'Wroeter met visie' ©2010 Jonas Lampens



The cooperation between the eyewear brand theo and James was written in the stars. theo had had its sights on the versatility of this young designer for a long time. On the other side, James experimented cheerfully with glasses and the result appealed to the imagination. It quickly became clear that this creative spirit would not be bound by rules and could not be pigeonholed. This is exactly how theo likes things. And the common ground did not stop there. James outlines the situation: “The theo brand and my own label James share the same playfulness”.
With the OXO game in the back of his head, James allowed the glasses’ sidepieces to cross at the front of the frame. This means that the spectacle lenses are, so to speak, separated by the letter X.